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BIG 6 Series

Odi is proud to be a sponsor of the District 37 Big 6 Race Series in 2016.  We will be attending the following events:

Round 1 Jan. 15-17 scal-logo-rd-32xSo Cal MC “Adelanto Grand Prix”
Mavericks Stadium – Adelanto, CA
Grand Prix/Desert Points
Round 2 Feb. 6-7 ddiggers-logo-32xDirt Diggers MC Honolulu Hills Raceway – Taft, CA More Info Coming Soon
Round 3 Mar. 5-7 pdogs-logo-32x Prairie Dogs MC Glen Helen Raceway – Devore, CA More Info Coming Soon
Round 5 Apr. 30
May. 1
srocks-logo-32xShamrocks MC Primm Casino Resort – State Line/Primm NV More Info Coming Soon
Round 6 Oct. 1-2 vfinders-logo-32xViewfinders MC Desert Empire Fairgrounds – Ridgecrest, CA More Info Coming Soon
Round 7 Nov. 5-6 pspectors-logo-32xProspectors MC Quail Canyon MX – Gorman, CA More Info Coming Soon
Round 8 Dec. 3-4 vkings-logo-32xVikings MC TBD More Info Coming Soon


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